Review and feedback

Review period: July to 30 September 2020

The International Standards for the Assessment of Cocoa Quality and Flavour are a collection of protocols describing step-by-step how to: (1) sample the cocoa beans to be evaluated, (2) assess its physical quality, (3) process it into coarse powder, liquor and chocolate for (4) sensory evaluation of the flavours expressed into these 3 products.  

The goal of the standards is a clear communication throughout the value chain - from cocoa producers, bean buyers/traders, chocolate makers and consumers - using a common language.

The application of the full set of protocols will result in a complete description of the cocoa bean quality and flavour expressed in unroasted beans, cocoa liquor and chocolate to be communicated along the cocoa value chain.

The initiative is coordinated by the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT in close collaboration with the members of the Working Group listed here.

Who is invited to review?

  • If you are a stakeholder in the cocoa value chain and/or related to the sector, your opinion on these first public drafts is important to us.

What feedback?

  • All comments are welcomed on the following aspects:  relevance, usefulness, accuracy, applicability, specific improvements or any other aspects.
  • Comments may be general (related to the entire document or series of protocols) or specific (related to a section, content, format etc).

How to review?

  1. Consult the initiative background and consult the list of protocols
  2. Register (create a user profile)
  3. Download the protocols you are most interested in
  4. Provide feedback using the form available at the links below
  5. Save and send the form preferably before and not later than 30 September 2020 at the attention of Dolores Alvarado at:


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NOTE: We encourage comments to be provided using this form. However, we also welcome general comments sent directly by email.

For questions, please contact: Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT: Dolores Alvarado at: or Brigitte Laliberté at: